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White Glove

With the growth of e-commerce came a new demand for full-service delivery, including the luxury of having it delivered to you personally at your doorstep. Requesting a “white-glove” delivery service is an exclusive experience that guarantees your shipment was handled with the utmost care and personalized attention. Convenience and speed are also part of what makes the white-glove experience so special. You can offer these supreme shipping services to your loyal customers by finding a freight company that can reliably deliver these goods. Force Trans has the trained team, logistical capabilities, and experience to efficiently transport white-glove deliveries to your consumers nationwide.

The term “white-glove” usually refers to a professional service that inspects every detail of the shipping process to ensure everything is impeccable from start to finish. Items are usually handled with extreme care and are delivered in-person to guarantee quality assurance. Common items that may call for white-glove delivery include rare items, expensive equipment, luxury goods, and artwork. If your shipment is fragile, highly valuable, or sensitive to temperature change, Force Trans can ensure its safe delivery by utilizing our large fleet of trailers.

This includes our selection of reefers, flatbeds, dry vans, and more, ultimately making us a versatile option for all your logistics needs. We are experts in end-to-end package handling, regardless of what your shipment may be.
Our team of trained dispatchers will keep you updated along the way and inform you of any delays, reroutes, or issues that could potentially occur in the process. As with all our delivery services, we also guarantee that necessary security measures are in place. Force Trans offers business owners enclosed trailers to transport valuable shipments. Shipments that are planned to be left parked or unattended should be in sight of surveillance cameras to curb theft and vandalism. Contact us today to learn more about our available white-glove services and how we can satisfy your business’s freight needs today.