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Oversized loads are shipments that surpass certain volume and weight measurements, and therefore must follow certain protocol when being transported. These loads differ from standard shipments due to their need for extensive planning. At Force Trans, we understand the importance of never cutting corners when it comes to transporting large equipment, especially when it puts both the safety of our staff and your business’s performance at risk. Ignoring logistical details or important safety regulations can lead to catastrophic results, damage to property, and large implications for your business.

In the United States, an oversized load is classified as a shipment that is wider than 8ft 6in, but dimensions for height and length may vary from state to state. As of today, most states consider 13ft 6in to be the minimum length for oversized loads. Force Trans handles the remaining logistical planning for you, such as acquiring the essential permits when crossing state lines and planning routes that allow for oversized loads. Traveling on these designated routes also involves coordinating transport for certain dates and times when it is permitted. Force Trans’ staff can guarantee customers that their large shipments can be delivered within a certain time frame when logistics are properly established. Our mission at Force Trans is to not only complete our delivery, but do so in the manner and timeless that our customers desire.

Whether you are looking to transport construction equipment, fully build homes, or other large-scale items, Force Trans can confidently get the job done with the help of our excellent owner operators and freight dispatchers. Our team will keep you updated along the way and inform you of any delays, reroutes, or issues that could potentially occur in the process. Both divisible and non-divisible loads are included in our services, and our team can easily coordinate the necessary logistics. Contact us today to learn more about our available oversized load services and how we can satisfy your business’s freight needs today.